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    Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment for our clients. Our purpose is to enable individuals and business to procure the best Renewable Energy (RE) systems available and tailor them to meet the specific and ever changing energy needs. We build value through the strength of our customers' satisfaction by providing exemplary service.

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    Wind Generators

    A sales, assessment and systems support company for renewable energy in the geothermal, solar and wind energy for farmers, homeowners, business owners and manufacturers in the Midwest.


    Benjamin K. Hach

    Ben Hach

    Renewable Energy Development LLC was formed on January 23, 2012 by Ben Hach, a 19 year veteran of the wind industry and a 21 year veteran of the Army National Guard.


  • Company

    Renewable   Energy   Development,   LLC

    A sales, assessment and systems support company for renewable energy in the geothermal, solar and wind energy for farmers, homeowners, business owners and manufacturers in the Midwest.

    By performing an assessment of the needs of the client through a questionnaire and a customer data base, it will be important to match up the best system for the client, using the tax incentives, rebates and discounts to bring the client the best priced system available that allows the client to hedge the cost of power for many years and add to the bottom line.

    Renewable Energy Development performs land acquisitions, project permitting, project siting, site assessments, interconnects and other work dependent on need.

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  • Company

    Benjamin   K.   Hach

    Renewable Energy Development LLC was formed on 23 January 2012 by Ben Hach, a 19 year veteran of the wind industry and a 21 year veteran of the Army National Guard. The company is focused on consulting and assessment services, behind the meter solar, wind and geothermal systems. Prior to the formation of Renewable Energy Development LLC, Ben worked for Iberdrola Renewables as Senior Development Manager for a pipeline of projects in IL, SD, ND and IA of over 4000 Mega Watts(MWs) and managed 2 direct reports to help with the project development cycle. Prior to Iberdrola Renewables, Ben worked for a privately held Minnesota renewables company, where he managed a team of 4 land acquisition people, implemented all procedures for land acquisition, trained the personnel on land work and supported the company's business development team for the projects that were in the pipeline. Prior to this position, Mr. Hach worked for Invenergy and Clipper Windpower, where he developed projects in IL, IA, MN, SD, CO, TX, AR, OK, NY, PA, NJ, MD, and KS. In these positions he worked on land acquisition, anemometry, interconnects, project permitting, proto-type turbine work, micro-siting and other wind turbine project development tasks.

    Mr. Hach also worked as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control person for the construction of 3 of the 4 world's largest wind farms of the time in Northwest IA and Southwest MN for Zond Constructors. Not only were all major components tracked and inventoried, but he also facilitated on site blade repairs and managed a crew of Tecsis employees retrofitting the blades for the Alta, Iowa projects. Mr. Hach also has O&M experience with Enron Wind and ran an anemometer installation crew for Zond Systems Inc.

    In tandem to his wind energy career, Mr. Hach also served in the Army National Guard as an enlisted man starting in 1988 and earning his way up to the rank of Major before he retired in 2011 from the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade in St. Paul, MN. The highlights of his career were his time as Platoon Leader in the Mechanized Infantry and 2 years spent as the Commander of the 2/34th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, where he managed 320 soldiers in 2 garrisons. This unit was the largest unit in the state of Iowa at the time.

    Leadership, dependability, tenacity, discipline, honesty and trust are all traits that Mr. Hach brings to the table for all the work that he performs.

  • Solar   Energy

    Are you ready to go solar?

    Solar Map

    Thinking about going solar? Putting solar on your home or commercial property is a great way to save on your utility bills, guarantee a fixed energy rate, cut harmful pollution and become more energy independent. It's also more efficient to produce energy near where it is used.

    Taking the First Step

    First step is to assess whether your property is a good site for solar. You should have a span of open rooftop space or land that is free of shade for at least 5 hours a day. Rooftops work best if facing south, but your installer can likely set your panels at an angle to capture enough sun from other directions.

    Is Now The Right Time to Switch to Solar?

    A valid question is, why entertain a solar energy system when the economy is in a slump and finances are tight? If you are concerned about the ever increasing and unpredictable energy bills, the effect of unanticipated blackouts power outages and future energy shortages, now is a great time to explore and plan your strategy to transition to solar energy. Moving to an energy solution is a multi-stepped process and will take some time and careful planning. This includes decreasing your consumption, a home energy audit. Now may be the perfect time to begin exploring your own solar energy advantages.

  • The Solar Assessment Process

    What's Included?

    A basic analysis of your energy needs.
    Recommendations for energy efficiency to help lower your energy use and reduce the size of the renewable energy system you need.
    An evaluation of the renewable energy resource at your site.
    Recommendations for size and type of renewable energy system to meet your energy needs.
    Estimated output of the renewable energy system, based on the resource estimate.
    Information on the best place to site your system.
    A cost estimate for the system.
    An overview of the Federal and State incentives for which the system is eligible.

    Property Access

    In order to fully analyze your site we may need to inspect the following areas of your property: roof, attic, utility room, garage, basement and yard.
    Please make sure that these areas are accessible.

    Your Energy Usage?

    Our assessor will need information about your energy use, and will want to see copies of your past power and utility bills.

  • Wind   Energy   Market

    A Growing Industry

    Wind Map

    The wind energy industry has been growing at a fast pace for several years in the U.S., especially in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Specific to our home-front, The U.S. Department of Energy released its "2008 Wind Technologies Report." For the fourth consecutive year the U.S. was home to the fastest growing wind power market in the world in 2008.

    Overall, the US wind capacity additions increased 60 percent, representing a $16 billion investment in new wind projects. Wind projects accounted for 42% of all new electric generating projects in the US, and wind now delivers nearly 2% of the nation's electricity supply! Soaring demand for capturing wind power has spurred expansion of wind turbine manufacturing. Domestically manufactured wind turbine components have grown from less than 30% in 2005 to roughly 50% in 2008.

    Now, with the Federal investment tax credit, grant program, and rules for claiming depreciation on wind turbines prove that your investment in wind energy translates into real tax benefits that can be taken advantage of for years to come.

    The upper Midwest is setting the pace; particularly in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa, as wind penetrations are at the highest levels. Renewable Energy Development's plan is to acutely focus this area and immediate surrounding states by continuing to rapidly develop marketing alliances with industry leaders. Market penetration and pursuit of new sales of its products and services to municipal, school, commercial, agra-business & utility scale users will continue through our dynamic and skilled representatives and distributor networks.

  • Wind Services

    We provide...

    • Consultation & Education
    • Planning & Preparation
    • Financing options
    • Permitting & Zoning assistance
    • Assistance with utility grid interconnection
    • Assistance with utility power purchase agreement
    • Engineering & soil reviews
    • Shipping, staging & permits
    • Installation of foundation
    • Assembly and erection of tower, turbine & blades
    • Construction, wiring and connections
    • Testing and operating assurance review
    • Maintenance plan
    • Warranty Consultation & Education
  • Steps of a Wind Turbine Project

    Feasability (Phase 1)

    Before your wind turbine project begins in Minnesota, Iowa ,Western Wisconsin and Eastern South Dakota, we provide a full feasibility analysis detailing the wind resource at your specific site and outlining general information about wind energy which, in coordination with our expert consultation, helps you plan and prepare for your wind turbine project. We make sure you understand exactly what is involved and we take care of everything, providing a complete turn-key system so you can experience the benefits of energy independence and wind power stress free.

    Financing (Phase 2)

    We provide a thorough financial review of your wind turbine project including: financing options, return on investment analysis, power purchasing price per kWh review, energy output forecasting and purchasing agreements.

    Pre-Construction (Phase 3)

    The third step includes planning and site review, soil testing, engineering, foundation design, permitting and utility agreements.

    Construction (Phase 4)

    This phase of your wind turbine project includes foundation installation, erection of tower/turbine, electrical rough-in, final electrical inspection, testing and operating assurance review, commissioning and interconnection.

    Energy Production (Phase 5)

    Approximately 120 to 180 Days after your order is processed, we'll have your wind turbine up and running — regardless of the markets we serve in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. The wind turbines have a 20+ year life expectancy and only require a once-per-year annual maintenance inspection. Your energy independence is also protected by a manufacturer's limited warranty.

  • Geothermal   Energy

    Geothermal energy is...


    Defined as heat from the Earth, geothermal energy is a clean, renewable resource that provides energy in the U.S. and around the world in a variety of applications and resources.

    The heat of the earth is available everywhere, and we are learning to use it in a broader diversity of circumstances. It is considered a renewable resource because the heat emanating from the interior of the Earth is essentially limitless.

    It can be used for electricity production, for commercial, industrial, and residential direct heating purposes, and for efficient home heating and cooling through geothermal heat pumps.


    Lower Operating Cost
    Operating more efficiently than ordinary heating and cooling systems, geothermal can deliver 5 units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used.

    Reliable and Quiet
    Unlike air conditioners and heat pumps, geothermal systems are installed indoors, so they are not subject to wear and tear caused by rain, snow, ice, debris, extreme temperatures or vandalism. There's also no noisy outdoor unit to disturb your outside environment or your neighbors.

    Environmentally Friendly
    According to the Department of Energy and the EPA, geothermal systems are the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Emitting no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gasses, they are truly a natural, green heat pump.

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